Chaos in typeface form

A frantic custom font that's lawless, but legible.

We were approached by Ubisoft Paris to help create a custom typeface for their Rabbids franchise. The team wanted a headline font that could match the wacky, unexpected and chaotic personality of the characters, but without losing legibility.

The result is Havok – a custom font that's unpredictable, quirky and packed full of character but still readable (in short doses). It uses open-type technology to swap characters as you type, resulting in an always varied output that feels chaotic and randumb, just like our long eared friends.

Perfectly imperfect...

Havok is designed to appear structurally questionable. While the bones of the character shapes largely follow convention, we wanted the outcome to feel almost as though they were put together by our titular furry scamps. That means odd angles, inconsistent terminal endings... basically making things seem a little out of whack.

The core mechanic that gives Havok a sense of controlled chaos is the varied character heights. Using a mixture of open-type features the font automatically updates as you type to ensure that there is a consistently different top line to the text, as well as swapping out character shapes so that everything feels a little bit randomised.