RWE Sans

RWE Sans

A custom font for Europes largest energy supplier

A custom font to herald the new era of Europe's largest energy supplier.

We had the pleasure of creating a custom typeface for RWE as part of their rebrand (lead by Scholz & Friends). The typeface played a pivotal role in defining the new brand language, with geometric proportions, clean cuts and a few humanist touches.

RWE Sans is an 8 style family that sits perfectly between the modern business branding mix of professional and approachable. It's friendly and casual without losing the corporate undertones that allow it to speak to consumers and investors alike.

"Like a character from Friends"

With so much of the brands communication being written, the fonts would have to do some heavy lifting in terms of delivering personality.

In our initial conversations, the art direction team outlined how they wanted the fonts to feel kind of familiar, "make it like a character from Friends", "Nobody hates Friends". But the style still needed to feel at home in a heavily corporate setting

Enter Mike Hannigan.

Mike is the friends character (played by Paul Rudd) who left his law career to pursue his passion. Straight laced, but kind of nondescript. Ultra likeable, but never really a scene stealer.

It was the perfect muse for our design. We wanted the typeface to deliver a smile, but still wear a suit. Just maybe lose the tie. Like 'Dress-Down-Friday' but in font form?

We started with geometric proportions to create a foundation of uniformity, then added a handful of humanist touches, and a slightly higher contrast weight distribution, to make it feel more friendly.

We boosted the x-height which helps emphasise some of the rounded aspects of the design, accentuating that affable tone.

In the end RWE Sans does exactly what most corporate brands want... It's not too professional, not overly friendly, and kind of ignorable!


The fonts speak over 30 languages, covering 90% of dialects based on the Latin alphabet... Csodálatos!

600 +

Each font file contains over 600 characters, including ligatures, variants, mathematical symbols and monospaced numerals.

A font for all situations

The custom typeface would be the only fonts used in the new brand direction, so they had to work pretty much everywhere. That means covering anything from artistic advertising to precise data tables.

Iconography that matches the fonts construction

Once we had the custom fonts pretty much dialled in and good to go, the branding agency asked if we could create an iconography language that matched the direction and construction of the type.

We made over 200 icons that perfectly balanced the weighting and form of the letters.