We are Wondermake

A playful, creative studio specialising in design for brand and digital.

We’re a small team of seasoned creatives attempting to rid the world of vanilla visual direction. We use creativity, personality and storytelling to build brands and digital experiences that people actually want to engage with.

Our Values

We believe in creating work with personality, positivity and impact.

Create with optimism

Creative work should make peoples lives better, and we believe that a positive mind is the key to unlocking creative greatness. Everything we do starts with a can-do attitude and a healthy dose of zeal and passion, which leads to work that makes a real difference for you and your audience.

Design for normal people

Your audience is made of normal people. Humans that want to connect with things on an emotional level, without all of the marketing nonsense. Let’s create something with authenticity that leaves them feeling empowered and engaged.

Don't be boring

Business doesn’t have to mean boring. Every brand has an opportunity to be a little more engaging. We’ll find what’s right for you and your audience – whether it’s weird and wonderful or something interesting and informative.

Aim for progress, not process

As a team of seasoned creatives, we adapt our approach to fit your various needs – making us the ultimate creative partner. No project managers here. Just a direct line to the creative team and their constantly evolving, broad set of skills.

Emotionally lead creative that gets results.

Wondermake was founded on the shared belief that great creative work should leave you feeling something. After all – the world has enough boring brands and dreary digital experiences.

We want to create work that brings a little more joy into the world. Sometimes that's for others – sometimes it's for us. Either way, it takes a little bit of creative bravery and a healthy mix of optimism and existential dread.

How can we help you?

Services we offer

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Campaign Creative
Creative Content
Creative Consultancy
Logo Design
Digital Design
Type Design
Social Content
Motion Design
Data Visualisation
Visual Identity Design