Tech Centre

Getting you back to headshots and high-scores.

Tech Centre are Europe’s biggest console repairs service. They specialise in fixing consoles and gaming accessories from across the ages. We developed a new brand identity to help them sit comfortably in the gaming sector, without leaning on the over-used console clichés, and allows them to flex between technical proficiency and retro-modern madness.

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Cranking up the 80s stylisation

We designed the brand so that it can present as technical and professional by day, but ramp up to feel more playful and gaming-relevant by night by increasing the amount of excess stylisation.

Adding chrome, glows, and a classic 80s lens flare all help to transform the brand from refined modern tech to over the top arcade gaming meets retro nostalgia.

Combining expert service with engaging graphics

Tech Centre's customers are inevitably frustrated - no one likes it when their tech breaks. Tech Centre wanted their new website to reassure gamers that getting a console repaired by them means they are in good hands.

Having designed their brand to be flexible in application, we knew that this was a great excuse to amp up the retro 80's vibes and speak to gamers in a language they understand.

Providing an unexpected experience at a disappointing time

A broken console shouldn't mean getting it repaired has to be a miserable experience. Using the joyful interactions and visual flair that gamers are used to, we translated Tech Centre's brand into an engaging website with glows, gradients and gaming references galore, ensuring that every interaction and visual element supported the over-the-top nature of the brand. Built on a strong UX and content hierarchy this ensures their service is effective, joyful and, importantly, easy to use.

We even included some easter eggs throughout, including a playable arcade on the 404 page.

Making sense of the retro mayhem

It was important that the over the top, chaotic nature of the retro style didn't interfere with the usability and legibility of the site, so we build a comprehensive design system to ensure the design was coherent and effective.