Tech Centre

Tech Centre

A retro-futuristic identity for gamers

An 80s inspired brand that celebrates retro-modernism

Tech Centre are Europe’s biggest console repairs service. Specialising in fixing consoles and gaming accessories, they dominate the market with their sector knowledge, expert engineers and a high quality customer service.

We worked with Tech Centre to revive their visual identity, creating a brand that reflects the quality and confidence of their offer. A visual presentation that feels at home in the gaming landscape without leaning on over-used clichés. The retro-modern foundation feels nostalgic but refined and allows room for the brand to dial up the stylisation across campaigns and marketing

Cranking up the 80s stylisation

We designed the brand so that it can present as technical and professional by day, but ramp up to feel more playful and gaming-relevant by night by increasing the amount of excess stylisation.

Adding chrome, glows, and a classic 80s lens flare all help to transform the brand from refined modern tech to over the top arcade gaming meets retro nostalgia.