Tech Educators

Tech Educators

Developing different

Taking on tech bro culture, one graduate at a time.

The tech industry is starting to have an image problem. Young white guys, well-educated – rising & grinding their way through 16 hour days to become a CFO or billionaire by age 30... The problem is that it’s not far from the truth! Only 26% of people in the UK tech sector are female. Only 42% are under 35. And only 15% are BAME. Without representation, people don’t feel like they could work in the sector.

Tech Educators are doing something different. Their affordable instructor-led coding bootcamps offer a real alternative to expensive traditional education, and they want to help as many under-represented people get into the industry as possible.

To ensure they offering is as clear and relatable as possible we worked with the Tech Educators team to develop their brand positioning, tone of voice and visual identity.

We develop different

Tech Educators do things differently. They challenge the status quo of traditional tech education by specifically attracting people from under-represented backgrounds and helping them develop not only the development expertise they need, but also the personal and professional skills they will need to succeed after graduation.

By the nature of this unique programme and diverse students, their graduates are a different type of developer. Our brand idea, ‘we develop different’ celebrates the power of this individuality. This idea is literally baked into the logo design, with elements of individuality, humanity and power.

Calling out the misconceptions

The best way to align Tech Educators with the underdogs? Straight up challenge the misconceptions they’re trying to change. By calling out the problems that exist, we can reassure the people they’re trying to attract that it doesn’t have to be like this.

Using bold colour and shapes derived from the code that brings everyone together, we established a visual language to allow Tech Educators to challenge the industry in a confidently irreverent way.

Highlighting the humans behind the code

In a sector full of automation, AI and robotics – nothing stands out more than a bit of human handwriting. We created a custom typeface that adds a little humanity to the brand.

Sonny is our imperfect typeface that randomises as you type, thanks to some nifty contextual alternates, making it feel more alive.

Working with Wondermake has been an incredible experience. It opened our eyes to what is possible and created the brand we always envisioned our organisation to be.

James Adams

CEO, Tech Educators